Add Jom to path if you prefer.

Open Visual Studio command prompt (32 or 64 bit) and/or in my case the Intel Parallel Studio one having the paths set for using the Intel Composer compiler. I'm not interested in building the examples nor demos when I build the libraries so I skip them with -nomake examples -nomake demos.

Go to source root directory and type

configure -nomake examples -nomake demos -opensource -platform win32-msvc2010
jom clean

The first command configures the build. The second one builds and take some hours. The third one is optional and used for cleaning up all un-necessary intermediate build files. It cuts down the full build with demo and examples from 10GB resulting source folder to 2GB. I don't know yet without the examples.

If you'd like to compile with Intel compiler use this configuration line:

configure -nomake examples -nomake demos -opensource -platform win32-icc

Still with the Intel compiler; I had a pre-SP1 Parallel Studio 2011 installed and the build failed there. The build completed after update to SP1. I hope the newer versions won't give troubles.