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Wednesday 18 July 2007, 21:31

Missing codecs for Totem

After one of the latest update Totem couldn't play any media complaining about missing codecs. That did the trick for me:

apt-get install totem-xine
apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg 

Wednesday 11 July 2007, 00:28

Trac installation guide

If you have a web server with svn installed (see Subversion (SVN) server installation guide ) you might like to explore the different functionalities of Trac .

Trac is a great web interface running on the top of a subversion which considerably helps the project management, bug tracking...

Here are some of the features:

  • Internal wiki
  • iCalendar, for synchronization
  • Timeline, revision historic
  • Source browser with syntax coloration
  • RSS feeds
  • Possibility to add ticket, bug reporting and tracing
  • Internal search engine
  • Revision comparisons
  • File attachment
  • Integrated help
  • ....

With this article, we complete the server we started to configure in Subversion (SVN) server installation guide .


Tuesday 10 July 2007, 13:54

Subversion (SVN) server installation guide

Here comes a simple installation guide for Linux Debian servers. Most of the configuration should be the same for other Linux distributions but there could be some differences in the paths.

Configurations are different if you are using Apache 1 or Apache 2 and you won't be able to have the same functionalities and access methods.

Web server administrators are slow to move to Apache2 and most of us wish to keep Apache 1.3 on their production server. It is possible to use both Apache at the same time.

When running both version of apache, Apache 1.3 is the front-end server providing SSL encryption (https) and proxy server. Apache 2 become a dedicated SVN server listening on a specific port.