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Tuesday 29 May 2007, 15:52

Unix Utilities on Windows

Who has never dreamed of having cat, ls, wget... on Windows shell??? The fu**ing dir command which is so bad and piss you off every time you need to use it...

Well today I found something new (Thanks PyS60 again).

  • Go to UnxUtils project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unxutils then download and unzip UnxUtils.zip
  • I copied the UnxUtils directory under C: like C:\UnxUtils>
  • Now we need to give the path to the environment variables for it to be seen
  • Windows_Key + Pause take you to System properties > Advanced > Environment Variables
  • New System variable
    • name: UNXUILS_HOME
    • value: C:\UnxUtils\usr\local\wbin
  • Now we add UNXUILS_HOME to PATH (add at the end %UNXUILS_HOME%;)
  • Ok

That's it! A quick test:

  • Open a new command prompt Windows_Key + R > cmd
  • C:\>ls -la

Thursday 3 May 2007, 21:25

Article in Attic web magazine

OAMK web magazine made an article about my story in Finland and my work with PyS60. Here's the link (in English :) ):

Thursday 3 May 2007, 15:23

Install GCC on Debian

I started to be worried cause I could compile with GCC. So

apt-get install gcc libc6-dev

Wednesday 2 May 2007, 11:45

The trick of the day!


Today I'm getting very pissed off with the building company where I'm living which clearly does everything to cut on budget for our crappy student buildings. So since a week we don't have any heating in the rooms anymore and it is between 2 - 5 degrees outside during the day, I don't know at night.

Since we don't have to pay for electricity and that I have 4 desktop machines + one laptop I came out with a solution for heating my room: the boolean heater :)

The idea is quite simple: keep your processor(s) busy in order to create some heat from the extraction fans!

Current development

Create a roomheater.py file. Here is the source :D

#!/usr/bin/env python
# file: roomheater.py
# author: LEFEVRE Damien
# version: 0.1
# description: boolean room heater
# Copyrights 2006-2007 LEFEVRE Damien
print """********************************************************************************
                           Welcome to the boolean room heater
                                   LEFEVRE Damien
while 1: pass

And then run:

>>>python romheater.py

Voila! :D

I get the following results:

  • PIII: processor 100% in use
  • Sempron 2600: processor 100% in use (very good heater!)
  • Core 2 Duo: processor 50% in use (so I can still work)

I just hope you'll be able to stand the noise ;)

Future development

Hard disks are producing a very good quantity of heat. Once I find a dummy task to perform on disks that would create heat, I'll add it right away to the application ;)

With my best regards,